8 Best Towns In Nevada To Visit In 2024

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By: John Divinagracia

Gambling, festivals, entertainment, Area 51 and UFOs, and Sin City itself, Las Vegas, are some of the world-known highlights of Nevada. Most tourists risk it all in Las Vegas’ casinos. But why not take a chance to go beyond the faux oasis of Las Vegas and sample the best small towns in the Silver State this year? Quaint places like Genoa, Lovelock, and Tonopah are a far cry from the messy debauchery of Las Vegas. The rural side of Nevada, especially with mountainous regions and epic desert valleys, will enchant you more than the neon glares of the big cities. What happens in Nevada need not stay in Nevada, especially the memories of some of the best trips you can have in the Silver State’s best towns in 2024!


Incline Village, Nevada.

Incline VIllage, NV

Lounged on the north shore of Lake Tahoe, the lush and vibrant Incline Village is a perfect retreat from the neon-piercing chaos of Las Vegas. During the hot summer, theater lovers flock to Sand Habor to witness the Lake Tahoe Shakespeare Festival. Thrill-seekers and bikers traverse the mountainous Flume trail or the myriad of trails snaking through mountains. February is a special month to visit Incline Village since the townsfolk host the popular Ullr Fest to honor the Norse God of Snow. Speaking of wintertime, snow sliders can go trooping up to the Diamond Peak Ski Area and Mt. Rose Ski Tahoe. Do not worry about accommodations because the Incline Lodge and Northlakes Lodges & Villas are sure to entreat you.

married couple enjoying the tahoe lake

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